• Better Life

    • bettersmall

      Building a better future

      His late father owned a small construction company in Port Elizabeth and his four brothers all worked in the family business. But back in the roaring ’80s a younger Reginald Fillis, better known as Reggie…

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    • nutsweb

      Keep Alzheimer’s at bay

      Snacking on nuts regularly ensures your mind stays sharp into old age, new research from Karolinska Institute, Sweden, suggests. The study shows that the vitamin E in nuts and seeds helps ward off Alzheimer’s. It…

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    • DR20100630JPM037

      Become an investment specialist

      When he was growing up, Sizwe Ndebele’s father taught him a very valuable lesson. “If you practise your maths every day,” he told his son, “you’ll be good at it.” Sizwe did just that, practising…

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    • 934505_P

      Beetroot lowers heart disease risk.

      Eating beetroot daily can help keep your blood pressure down and lower your risk of stroke, according to findings published in the American Heart Association Journal. Drinking a glass (250 ml) of beetroot juice a…

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    • kitskos

      Fast food: the healthy choices

      IT LOOKS blissful: a family sitting around a table, tucking into fast food: fried chicken pieces, burgers and chips with sweet, fizzy cooldrinks to wash it all down. It’s a pity this food is so…

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    • dm20100601ll007

      Careers: become a tourism director

      NO ONE is more passionate about Cape Town than Nombulelo Mfeka. In her eyes, it can hold its own against any city in the world, which is important because Nombulelo is the Mother City’s tourism…

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    • flaxs

      Flax seeds for better health

      It’s the latest nutrient-rich food that scientists around the world suggest people should add to their diet. The tiny flax seeds are rich in fibre, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, a key force against inflammation…

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    • auctioneer

      Become an auctioneer

      IN HIS working life Tirhani Mabunda has worn many hats: civil service clerk, teacher, acting headmaster, taxi operator and fast-food outlet owner. But, as the founder, CEO and principle auctioneer of Tirhani Group in Sandton,…

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    • 42-16779393

      Caffeine boost a myth

      Most people can’t imagine skipping that first cup of coffee in the morning. After all, it’s what kick-starts our day, right? Wrong! A new UK study found coffee drinkers are no more alert than non-drinkers….

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    • careers

      Become a TV producer

      AS A CHILD she watched a lot of TV but Milly Takalani Mulaudzi never thought she’d end up turning her fascination with the box into a career in film and media production. In fact, she…

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