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    • eatpraylove

      Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

      Rating 3/5 Comedy. With Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup and James Franco. Director: Ryan Murphy. 10ML. Opens 8 October. What’s it about? This cheerful biography tells the true story of a woman who, after her marriage…

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    • prince

      DVD Review: Prince of Persia – The Sands of time

      Rating 3/5 Adventure. 2010. 111 min. With Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemmaarterton. Director: Mike Newell.10V. Dastan (Gyllenhaal) is an orphaned boy who’s rescued from the streets by the king of Persia and raised as a prince….

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    • djclaude

      CD Review: DJ Claude – Stereo Candi 4

      After giving Stereo Candi a break for a few years DJ Claude has shelved his Musikology project to return to the series that put him on the map. And Vol 4 hits the mark –…

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    • ghostwriter

      DVD Review: The Ghost Writer

      Rating 4/5 Political Thriller.2010. 125 min. With Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams and Kim Cattrall. Director: Roman Polanski. 13Vl. When he learns his predecessor died mysteriously, a ghostwriter (McGregor) is reluctant to take on…

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    • pale

      CD Review: Pale – Sing me a song

      Rating 3/5 Not bad at all! Arthur Mafokate’s newest signing brings a breath of fresh air to 999 Music’s usually kwaito-influenced sound. With this jazzy, soulful vocal offering, Pale reminds of singers such as Lira…

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    • sgonondo

      CD Review: Sgonondo – Abamyeke

      Rating 2/5 This is a full-blown, unapologetic kwaito album from the Mzekezeke doppelganger. To be honest though, Sgonondo’s latest fails to deliver anything new. It’ll keep the fans happy – Lah has a catchy, thumping…

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    • dispicable

      Movie Review: Despicable Me 3D

      Rating 3/5 Animated comedy. Voices: STEVE CARELL, JASON SEGEL and JULIE ANDREWS. Directors: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud. PG. Opens 1 October. What’s it about? A sly trickster brags that he can steal anything, from a…

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    • robinhood

      DVD Review: Robin Hood

      Rating 4/5 Adventure. 2010. 140 min. With Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Director: Ridley Scott. 13V. Robin Hood will never be the same! Director Ridley Scott’s interpretation of the heroic British outlaw is vastly different…

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    • themessenger

      DVD Review: The Messenger

      Rating 4/5 Drama. 2009. 113 min. WithWoody Harrelson and Ben Foster. Director: Oren Moverman. 16LSN. This is not fluffy Saturday afternoon entertainment! It’s a gruelling but rewarding watch that takes a unique look at the…

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    • 2010_edge_of_darkness_006

      DVD: Edge of Darkness

      Rating: 3/5 Action. 2010. 117 min. With Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Danny Huston. Director: Martin Campbell. 16VL. Action hero Mel Gibson is back on the screen in all his glory – but following recent…

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    • Bump_DJ_Costa

      CD: DJ Costa, Bump 26

      Rating: 4/5 This three-disc package has enough techno, tech and electro house sounds to get any party started! Disc 1 kicks things off with legendary house head David Guetta’s Memories (featuring Kid Cudi), followed by…

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    • karatekid

      Film Review: The Karate Kid

      Rating 4/5 Human drama. With Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan and Zhensu Wu. Director: Harald Zwart. 10MV. Opens 17 September. What’s it about? A brave American kid moves with his mom to Beijing. He doesn’t fit…

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