Eight Interesting Facts About Maps Maponyane


As well as his gift of the gab, he’s known for his great looks and his boy-next-door traits. Here are some facts that you may not know about popular TV presenter, Maps Maponyane:

He’s quite musical

I can find my way around drums and violin. The question is can I play them well? I can show you the middle C on the piano and I know a few basic chords.

He’s not pedantic about his beauty routine.

I usually avoid fragranced soap. So I wash with soap without fragrance and use SPF(Sun Protection Factor).

I can’t go a day without . . .

Putting my glasses  . . . Because I’m blind.

Kenny G or Kenny Garrett

Kenny G takes it. I literally grew up on Kenny G because my parents played Kenny G at home.

IOS or Android

Android because I love Android and I simply love Samsung.

You wouldn’t know it but I . . .

I was a choir boy. I moved between tenor and bass.

Red or white wine

Red because I hardly ever drink. So when I have meat I’ll probably have red wine.

He believes in prayer.