DIY: Crochet braids

Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied

By Nthabiseng Makhokha

Cut the amount of time you do your hair in half with crochet braids!

Why we love crochet braids:

  • They cut the amount of time you spend on the chair doing your hair in half.
  • They are gentle on the hair. Usually when you install a weave, it’s twice the pulling with the cornrows and then attaching of the weave onto the cornrows. These reduce the stress on your scalp.
  • They are easy to do and easy to take out, making your life hassle free.
  • You can base your scalp easily while you have them on.

You will need

Hair crochet needle

beauty braids

Tail comb

beauty braids

Braid (or any fibre of your choice)

beauty braids

A pair of scissors

beauty braids

Prepping the hair

STEP ONE Starting from the back, plait horizontal cornrows from one end of your head to the other side. Remember to connect each cornrow with the next so that there aren’t any loose ones that may unravel. Do these until you reach the middle of your head.

beauty braids

STEP TWO When you’ve reached the middle of your head, start a new set of cornrows from the front of your head towards the middle (where the initial cornrows have ended). Do these until entire head is done. Connect this new set of cornrows by plaiting the ends together in one row, in the direction similar to the first set of cornrows.

beauty braids

STEP THREE Prepare your hair piece. To determine what length you want, divide the extension in equal parts and cut.

beauty braids

STEP FOUR Take a small section of the fibre from the ones you have cut. You should use the same amount of hair for each crochet for evenness. The lesser you use, the better the knot will lock. You can take out a few and place them aside to make it easier when you proceed with your braids.

beauty braids

STEP FIVE If this is your first time using the crochet needle, practice putting it through the hair and pulling it back before you proceed with the actual hair. Make sure the latch hook is open when you put the needle through the hair, and make sure it’s closed when you pull it back through. Practice this until you are comfortable with proceeding

Start crocheting

STEP 1: Make sure the latch hook is open before putting the needle through the hair. Put it through until entire hook and cap are past the cornrow.

STEP 2: Place your sectioned strand of hair from step four on page one inside the hook so that both sides of the fibre are equal. Make sure that there aren't any hair fibres outside the hook as this may cause tangling and unevenness.

STEP 3: Pull the needle back while still securing the fibre inside the latch hook with your other hand. The hook cap should snap back as soon as it reaches the hair.

STEP 4: Pull the needle hook back through the hair so that the fibre goes through the cornrowed hair. Remove the needle and hold the other end of the extension with your free hand.

STEP 5: Open the loop of the fibre that you've just taken through the cornrow. This is to prepare making the knot.

STEP 6: Take the one end of the hair through the loop and pull it to fasten.

STEP 7: Your one crochet braid is complete. It should be secure. Continue to crochet through the rest of your cornrows.

STEP 8: The succession of your crochet braids should look something similar to this. Your braids should be uniform to maintain neatness.