Testotherapy: I am falling in love with a man whose girlfriend just had a baby

Molefi Lebone bra mo


I am involved with a man whose girlfriend just gave birth to a girl. He’s not held anything from me and I knew from the onset that he had a girlfriend who was pregnant.

I am now starting to fall in love with him. He has told me that he wants to leave his girlfriend and have a baby with me and I am seriously considering it.

Should I stop taking contraceptives and have a baby with him?

Will he leave his girlfriend and be with me?


Do not let that man’s penis come near your vagina. He is A walking sperm bank. The truth is that he won’t leave his girlfriend for you.

It is such a shame because he has you wrapped around his fingers and you have fallen for his words. How can you emotionally and physically endanger yourself by being with someone like that?

Don’t you realise that if he can cheat on his girlfriend, he can and will do the same with you. Remove those emotional blinkers that are covering your eyes and realise that this man shouldn’t be trusted and you should quickly stop this relationship.

If you don’t, you will find yourself cradling a baby whose absent father has now moved on to his next conquest.