Testotherapy: I don’t have money to pay for lobola

Molefi Lebone bra mo


I am a man of 26 and I want to marry my girlfriend very soon, but I am earning very little for me to pay lobola.

Her parents are very cultural so I don’t have any other option.

This is really stressing me as I don’t know what to do.


You have missed the point of lobola. Lobola is not meant to financially cripple and leave you penniless.

If you and your girlfriend want to be married and both of your families know that your heart is in the right place, you really shouldn’t be stressed about it.

Yes, her family might be very cultural, but I believe that the most important thing they want is to ensure that their daughter is married of to a man who will support, provide and respect her.

Lobola is a way of you showing that you can do all of these things. Take it as a challenge and come up with ideas of fulfilling your dreams.

Perhaps try saving for a few months which will show your dedication and love for your girlfriend.