Zim man, 26, kills friend ‘to harvest body parts’ on SA traditional healer’s instruction

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Bulawayo – A Zimbabwean serial killer, 26, has been arrested and placed on remand after being enticed by a South African traditional healer to “harvest body parts” of anyone with a Ncube surname, reports the state owned Chronicle newspaper.

The traditional healer, only identified as Ndimande allegedly promised Rodney Tongai Jindu riches if he helped him harvest body parts from anyone with a Ncube surname.

Jindu allegedly lured his friend Mboneli Joko Ncube to a secluded area where he shot him twice before inviting Ndimande to Zimbabwe to deliver the body.

Ndimande allegedly took the body and returned it to Jindu with one hand, head, both legs and the heart missing.

On receipt of the body, Jindu buried it in a shallow grave.

Gruesome Confession 

Senior police sources claimed that Jindu had been promised at least $ 20 000 and a mini bus taxi (Quantum) by Ndimande on completion of his job.

Following weeks of secrecy on what he had done to Ncube, Jindu allegedly confessed to his other close friend Cyprian Kudzurunga.

Kudzurunga was, however, not able to stomach the gruesome confession and as a result, an argument ensued between the two.

Jindu consequently shot Kudzurunga dead and buried him in a shallow grave next to Ncube’s remains.

According to NewsdzeZimbabwe, Jindu was arrested on February 3. He led police investigators to where he had buried the remains.

Source: News 24