The perfect holiday movie with your kids


Earth to Echo is a science fiction move aimed at kids and can be the perfect holiday entertainment. The story is about three teen friends, Tuck (Brian Bradley), Munch (Reese Hartwig) and Alex (Teo Halm), whose lives change forever when their neighbourhood has to make way for a highway and their families plan to move to different places. Two days before they have to say their goodbyes, they receive a strange signal on their cellphones. They try to find the source of the signal and stumble upon an alien who need their help to get home.

Kofi Outlaw from gives the movie three stars. “Earth to Echo can fairly be described Goonies meets E.T. by way of found footage – and the actual film pretty much reflects what that description would imply,” he says. “Earth to Echo captures a lot of the wonder and heart of E.T., mixes in the one-night adventure and slight edge of danger from Goonies, but is ultimately held back by the usual shortcomings of the found-footage format. The end result is a a fresh-yet-familiar sci-fi adventure for adolescents that’s not as good as it could’ve been, but still delivers a solid good time, nonetheless.”

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– Sandra Visser